Girls Gone Wild

Who doesn’t love powerful, confident sexy girls getting wild, that’s what Wild Girls is all about, enjoying the naughty side of life with our original erotic comics and artwork you can purchase, download and collect.
I’m Butternut Bob, running things here at WildGirls Art where Nipples are popping out all over the place. Please enjoy our work, spread the word and let us know what sorts of naughty things you want to see available. With no subscriptions and brand new original erotic works you can be safe and secure in the knowledge we take your privacy seriously so when you purchase an item we will email it direct to you.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

What IS Wild Girls all about?

Wild Girls is a brand new product where you, no matter who you are, can purchase these awesome Sketch Cards and either draw on them yourself or get people to draw on them for you to build a collection. This is a Set you can be a part of simply by grabbing some cards for yourself. There's no limits, no set card numbers, every card you own is a part of this collection and it's open to everyone and anyone.

There are lots of artists out there who aren’t interested in working for company’s, many who have not got their foot in the door and others who already do work for company’s but want some nice cardstock they can draw on and sell the cards to collectors.
There are Art/Card collectors who want to have a cardstock they can make a collection out of with artists they like, but getting hold of blank cards from sets can be difficult, but not now.

When the cards come in and go on sale on this store from Marty and Boo's cards, things will be in your hands, yours to control, the girls can be cheeky, pinup, totally nude and rude, chased by Godzilla!!! Whatever YOU want them to be and each year the Art on the back of the card will change so everyone knows the collection is moving forward without it being glaringly obvious.
Soon the power will be in your hands to create the Sketch card Set you wanted, so please, put your email address in the follow us box on the right and get ready for a Wild Ride :P